This is – home page of Neal O’Carroll – Irish amateur comedy podcaster and hobbiest creator of high contrast, increasingly RP-friendly, large text cat webcomics.

Disambiguation: Not Neil O’Carroll or Neill or Niel or Nial or Nails or Nile (plural or singular) or Kneel. You can however use Niall without looking completely ridiculous providing you are conversing competently in Irish at the time and not mistaking me for somebody else of that name.

Into Your Head is a unique free audio comedy podcast from Ireland, and almost certainly not your cup of tea. Created by Neal O’Carroll.
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Stick-figure cat peeking up from behind a line so only face visible.

Matchstick Cats is an occasional RP-friendly cat webcomic by Neal O’Carroll. Revived and redesigned in recent years to be more accessible to those of us with vision impairments like Retinitis Pigmentosa.
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